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See Canada? Alberta’s not a bunch of rednecks! (Oh, except that guy…)

by DJ Kelly December 2, 2007

So it looks like on Saturday the Alberta PC Party decided it would be a bad idea to let Craig Chandler run in the upcoming election. I don’t want to get into regurgitating the whole story so I’ll let FFWD do it here instead. (The article is complete with the prerequisite offending Chandler quotes to […]

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Can artists actually influence the Government anyway?

by DJ Kelly November 17, 2007

Good news for non-profit organizations – especially those in the arts. I heard word yesterday that Ed Stelmach’s Bill 1 – the Lobbyists Act (aka lobbyist registery) will not include heavy regulations for people working on behalf of “nonprofit charitable voluntary organizations”. There will no doubt be many more amendment’s coming forth for this Bill […]

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