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Beneath it all there is a fire just waiting for fuel

by DJ Kelly October 22, 2009

On this blog I usually talk a lot about things that are happening in the world and how I feel about them. I don’t often talk about what I’m thinking about independent of the news of the day. But several things I’ve been undertaking have coalesced recently into one moment that I wanted to share, […]

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Bill 44: the great and the befuddled

by DJ Kelly May 21, 2009

Let me first start of by saying I, for one, am glad Bill 44 has been tabled in the Alberta Legislature. I find it beyond embarrassing that it has taken my province so long to enshrine the equal rights of homosexuals in our Human Rights Act. I hope most everyone reading this can agree that […]

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An intro to Lindsay Blackett

by DJ Kelly March 15, 2008

For those of you in the arts I have some required reading for you. Fellow blogger, The Enlightened Savage, has done up a wonderful primer to introduce you to Alberta’s new Minister of Culture and Community Spirit. The Calgary Professional Arts Alliance will be sending Minister Blackett a personal welcome shortly, and hopefully we will […]

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30 Second Summary of the Alberta Election Thus Far

by DJ Kelly February 20, 2008

As we find ourselves passing the half-way point of the provincial election you have no doubt noticed I have pretty much been entirely silent during thus far. While I could blame my seemingly abandoned blog on the fact I was in Asia for the first third of the writ period, or the fact I’m still […]

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