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The #AskEd Accountablity Window ends tomorrow

by DJ Kelly December 3, 2009

During a question and answer session the Progressive Party AGM on November 7, 2009 Premier Stelmach – reeling from recent bad press over everything from the oil and gas royalty framework, to Bill 44, to Bill 50, to H1N1 vaccinations – announced to Alberta what “the biggest challenge we’re facing as a government” is. The […]

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Doug Elniski: now just another walled off politician?

by DJ Kelly June 23, 2009

Did MLA Doug Elniski do something dumb? Yes. Was posting his thoughts online the mistake? No. This is what makes social media such a powerful tool when it comes to politics: you get a chance to see inside the mind of our leaders and what makes them tick. And as you can imagine, when you […]

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Where database technology is taking us

by DJ Kelly April 21, 2009

I have extolled the virtues of databases for years. (I’m certainly no pioneer in this field so I’m not looking for any kind of pat on the back or anything.) I love how they can take extremely complex data and distill it down into actually usable chunks. After all, what good is information if you […]

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Rumour mill now slowly turning at Eau Claire

by DJ Kelly January 16, 2008

While we are on the topic of unsubstantiated rumours I might as well give all you fine looking readers out there another one. I assume you’d like that because yesterday was a banner day for our little blog here – most visits since inception! Hot damn. That might be because I was asking everyone to […]

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Kidz fun with… license plates?!

by DJ Kelly January 7, 2008

Hey kids want to have a blast online! The Alberta Government knows you love that internets thingy! So click here to play Ed Stelmach’s newest online game/internet sensation for the kiddies: the Alberta License Plate Scramble! Does our government know how to speak to the latest generation or what? Certainly I could not think of […]

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