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2010 Year-End Blog Review

by DJ Kelly January 3, 2011

On this exact day (January 3) of last year I wanted to take a look back at the previous year as viewed through the eyes of my blog. At the time I said 2009 “was a good year for me personally and I think this blog shows some of the highlights that come to my […]

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"To tweet or not to tweet?" More like The Tempest!

by DJ Kelly May 7, 2009

At Lunchbox Theatre I floated an idea that was more than a little out there. I didn’t expect it to gain much traction (in marketing you get used to that happening when you propose things “outside of the box”). But it did gain traction. And after getting the approval of the AD, GM, Literary Manager […]

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Another arts casualty? This isn’t looking good.

by DJ Kelly January 27, 2009

Also available on the Calgary Herald’s Q. What a crazy week it has been in Calgary’s arts community. Upheaval galore! First Jeffrey Spalding unceremoniously left the Glenbow and was quickly – and permanently – replaced by former Vice-President, Access, Collections and Exhibits, Kirstin Evenden as President and CEO after only 13 months. Then came the […]

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A Challenge: prove you are more clever than the average advertiser

by DJ Kelly May 21, 2008

Also available on the Calgary Herald’s Q. I’ve been ridiculously delinquent here on this blog lately, haven’t I? Well, here’s why: about a month ago I took a new contract working with Lunchbox Theatre here in Calgary. The extra work has been cutting into my blogging time – aka “the workday”. (Lunch hour, naturally.) But […]

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