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How to fix Ed’s communications problems

by DJ Kelly December 14, 2009

In case you missed it, a week and a half ago I wrote about the latest of Ed Stelmach’s communication’s gaffes. I almost felt a little sad in writing the post because social media was sort of Premier Ed’s last frontier of communication tools. He had tried speeches, scrums, Question Period, interviews, television specials – […]

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The 6 o’clock news is a 1950s department store

by DJ Kelly August 18, 2009

For my CBC Wildrose column today I chose to speak about ESPN and the Southeastern Conference (NCAA)’s new social media policies. (You can listen online here.) As the host, Donna McElligott points out toward the end of the interview, what we are really seeing here in sports organizations is they are struggling with the same […]

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Mad Avenue Blues

by DJ Kelly June 11, 2009

With the advent of free online news there something had to give. And unfortunately we are seeing the outcome of that now as companies such as CTV, Canwest Global and even the government supported CBC, struggle to update their business model so they can keep the news flowing. There isn’t much in the way of […]

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The death of local news by the numbers

by DJ Kelly January 29, 2009

Further to my two previous posts today I was saw a link on Twitter today that just happened to contain the following graph showing media usage trends over the past three years. Look out local. The news is no more good when looking at the numbers.

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