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One Crisis(es) After Another

by DJ Kelly December 9, 2008

I thought this was too good to pass up, so I’ll paraphrase Stephane Dion and Scott Reid from this past week. Maybe you’ll get an ironic giggle out of it like I do. This past week Mr. Harper turned an economic crisis into a political crisis. He then re branded that crisis by turning it […]

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New Heritage Minister, empahsis on the "new"

by DJ Kelly October 30, 2008

James Moore, star of this blog’s most popular post of all time, has been named the new Canadian Heritage Minister. He is best known for being one of the youngest MPs and Ministers in history – he’s 32 now – as well as being the MP who caused a stir last year by being vilified […]

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Real winners and real losers

by DJ Kelly October 15, 2008

Congratulations to the Conservatives on another minority government. Many consider Stephen Harper’s team’s performance tonight a decisive victory, others will no doubt call it a major loss. So without further adieu I cut through the punditry and give you my ‘real winners and real losers’ of Federal Election 2008: Honourable Mentions:Winner: Toronto Conservatives. Just when […]

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Happy anniversary you Party animals!

by DJ Kelly December 3, 2007

Happy first anniversary to Ed Stelmach and Stephane Dion. (Today marks one year since both were elected to lead their parties – as everybody’s second choice.) So far boys, it looks like you are living up to absolutely everyone’s expectations. Keep up the… good (?)… work (?).

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