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Nuit Blanche Calgary update

by DJ Kelly June 16, 2010

I should have posted a Nuit Blanche update months ago, but there had been so much movement over that time things never felt settled enough that it made sense to post an update. With recent events however now seemed to be the best time to let everyone know what’s going on. Here’s the whole story: […]

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What is a ‘progressive’? Part 1

by DJ Kelly February 22, 2010

As I’ve written about before, coming out of the first Reboot Alberta event, many individuals (including bloggers) were invited to write on what “being a progressive” means to them. While there have been a great many posts and white papers written on the subject as a result – I invite you to visit RebootAlberta.org to […]

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A lawyer mountain out of a domain name mole hill

by DJ Kelly January 9, 2008

This is just so darn silly I can’t believe it is actually happening. Let’s say for a second you made a mistake. A mistake that you know was a mistake. A mistake someone picked up on; a mistake that they could exploit to hurt your reputation. They’re not doing that yet but you don’t really […]

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