Thanks for trying everyone! But we didn’t quite have enough to push us into the top five of any category at the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards. Even a last minute push of readers from The Enlightened Savage urging them to vote for my candidate for best blog post couldn’t put us high enough.

I’ve taken this devastating news as best as I can and “cried it out” for a couple hours. I hope you too, dear reader, will be okay and are capable of moving onward with me.

Maybe next year, as they say.

Whatever, as I say.

Some of my daily reads are still in the running however. Voting on round 2 begins on Wednesday so please, please, go and give them your support.

Best Blog
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob

Best Blogosphere Citizen
Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta

Best Blog Post
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob: What’s the male of Feminism?

Best Political Blog
Calgary Grit

Best progressive Blog
Calgary Grit

Best Humour Blog
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob

Best Entertainment/Cultural Blog
Mike’s Bloggity Blog Blob

Best Media/Celebrity Blog
Michael Morrison

A full list of nominees can be found here. Good luck to you all.

Even though I hate you all for being better than me. You suck… sniff…