Well it looks as though our little blog here has been nominated for three 2007 Canadian Blog Awards!

It’s been nominated for:

  • Best New Blog
  • Best Blog Post
  • Best Local Blog

So please vote! Everyone only gets one vote so yours counts! Please help me move up those rankings and place in the top five so I can make the final ballot.

Voting is open now and closes Monday, January 21 at 11:59 PM (Pacific).

So everyone please go and vote here: http://cdnba.wordpress.com/vote/round-1/

If you like you can always join the “Vote for the “djkelly.ca Blog” at the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards!” Facebook group here.

Thanks in advance for voting!

Also, if you like I’d also recommend voting for some of the other nominated blogs I read daily (who are probably more modest than me and might not even mention they’re nominated):

In other slightly off topic news I’ve been a little busy to post the past couple days. I guess I can stop trying to figure out how to join the Beltline community association (honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard to find contact details for your community association) because we bought a house this past Sunday in Winston Heights/Mountview (16 Ave and Edmonton Trail area).

We’re really pleased with the location although the walk downtown is a little longer.

  • Our new Aldermand: Joe Ceci, Ward 9
  • Our new MLA: Richard Magnus, Calgary North Hill (PC) – Who is retiring apparently.
  • Our new MP: Jim Prentice, Calgary Centre-North (Conservative)

So look out neighbourhood, here we come!