Dear Mr. Stelmach:

I wanted to thank you for emulating Premier Lougheed. No, no, not for arguing with “Ottawa” over our energy plans, but for creating a ministry of Culture. It is absolutely great news to see something like this: not only a cultural policy but a department to implement it. Oddly groundbreaking, actually.

If anyone from the Alberta Government is reading this please have them pass my name along to Minister Lindsay Blackett. I’d be happy to help him out in anyway I can. You can see my LinkedIn profile by clicking the link over there on the right (you have to visit first if you’re using a reader). As you can see I have skills such as knowing the arts community. And actually spelling “Blackett” correctly. I also have my own car. So I can make deliveries, I guess. If you have need of a marketing/communications/policy/blogging guy with too much time on his hands anywhere if your ministry please don’t hesitate to email me at

Go team! (See how I showed my “Community Spirit” right there? I’m good at that too.) I look forward to hearing from you.