This evening I will be presenting on Open Data and the City of Calgary’s efforts in this field at DemoCamp Calgary 16. It might be a bit of an odd presentation as I don’t have anything to demo, I’m not a programmer, and I don’t work for the City of Calgary. But I have been very involved on the political front with bringing this initiative to Calgary and I do have examples to share.

My goal for the presentation is to get the creative juices flowing for the coders and programmers and entrepreneurs in attendance. Basically I want them to start thinking about what amazing things they might be able to create once the City of Calgary opens up it’s data. Without them, this entire project is all but pointless. They will create the apps and tools citizens and academics can use to interact in a more meaningful way with Calgary.

Below is a list of all the sites we will visit during the presentation:

I especially want to share this video from Apps for Democracy, which I think highlights a lot of the reasons why Open Data can be so important.

Apps For Democracy Community Edition from Peter Corbett on Vimeo.

Whether you just want a cool app to make your life easier, or you have higher ideals of a more open and transparent government, I think open data is a great place to focus our attention. Luckily the City of Calgary has been doing just that. We can expect the Administrtion report on Ald. Pincott and Ceci’s notice of motion in February.

Hopefully we’ll have some local developers ready to get their feet wet in the data soon after.

PS – Big thanks to Sarah Blue and everyone who helped organize tonight’s event for letting me participate and share a little about open data.