I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing for a while. I love maps and I love data. I also love Calgary politics and the intrigue of elections. So it only made sense that I would want to mash that all up together to create some visual representations of the 2010 Calgary Municipal Election. Problem is, I don’t have a GIS background.

Good news! My brother-in-law, David Johns, does! David is currently a UofC student studying biology with a focus in GIS. Granted the skills he’s learning are meant to track animal populations, but after not much convincing at the Thanksgiving table he agreed to visualize some data for me. Hopefully he can use these for a class project or two.

We’ll be working on some other maps later today, but for now, here is the visualization for each of the top 3 mayoral candidates’ vote share (percentage). Pretty basic stuff so far, but we’ve got some cooler maps coming to help illustrate what happened on election day. We’ll also load it all into Google Maps as well. Stay tuned!

PS – The info comes from the City of Calgary’s voter subdivision breakdowns released last night. They can be found here. Obviously the City is not responsible for any transposing mistakes we may have made.