Let’s do this

Thursday, May 27th, 2021 | 2021 Election, Calgary, Featured, Politics

DJ Kelly Ward 4 Calgary

I don’t know if it was the new year or springtime or the rollout of vaccines, but a lot of our neighbours started looking ahead to the rest of 2021, noticed there was an upcoming election and that our neighbourhood was moving to Ward 4. Which led them to a realization that Sean Chu may be our councillor. I served as president of our community association for six years and I’m known as a community-first person so the phone calls and texts encouraging me to run began. 

The City of Calgary is our home. It is where you and I choose to live. It is where we work and shop. We enjoy its natural beauty and use its amenities every day. But it’s more than that: the City of Calgary is also a $4 billion per year operation with more than 13,000 employees. Calgarians aren’t just passive taxpayers. We are citizens, deeply invested in our city, both emotionally and financially.

Let’s be honest our city is facing a lot of change right now. Our traditional economic sectors are struggling and the pandemic has made the hole we’re in feel even more daunting.

But we are a city of ideas. Innovation is what has driven us in the past and it is what will take us into the future. We have growing technology, life sciences and logistics sectors – among others. These companies represent our future and they need our support to get Calgary back to work.

The same old tactics from our City Council will no longer get us to where we need to go. We need a council who can work together – with each other and with you and your neighbours – to keep our city growing into the future.

Sean Chu has proven he does not have the skills that we need right here, right now. In his seven years on council I and the people of ward 4 who I’ve spoken to have a hard time naming even a single thing Sean has successfully championed – let alone something innovative that will make Calgary an even better city to live in.

I have experience doing exactly that. In my career, I’ve specialized in helping large organizations incorporate new ideas. I’ve worked at major institutions here in Calgary, including the University of Calgary, United Way of Calgary and Area and the City of Calgary itself. I’m willing to step aside from my career to put that experience to work for Calgarians and I am asking for the people of ward 4 to lend me their vote to help position Calgary well for the future that is about to arrive.