Bike Calgary survey responses

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021 | 2021 Election, Calgary, Politics

  1. Do you commit to ensuring the 5A network receives the necessary personnel and budgetary support to achieve the objectives set out in the plan?

Yes. A fully integrated mobility network is crucial to the health and success of every community. Building any infrastructure needs to be prioritized against all needs, but the 5A goals are worthy ones that help increase diversity, equity and inclusion in our neighbourhoods. 


  1. What actions will you take to ensure that the 5A Network is built out in a timely fashion and that schools are effectively accommodated as a priority?

I will ask that any mobility or community plan which comes to council examines its recommendations against the 5A goals and is considerate of current and potential movement patterns (such as travelling to and from schools). There are a number of local area plans that are needed within Ward 4 so this approach should result in a more complete buildout of the network in our part of the city. 


  1. Transportation is something that affects all Calgarians and the system works best when the network is city wide. How will you ensure equal access to transportation options (walking, wheeling, transit, etc.) for ALL areas of the city?

See my answer to question #2. At the same time, we should be looking for gaps that exist within the current network to provide more efficient use of the investments that have already been made.


  1. If elected, will you accept an invitation to go for an infrastructure or community bike ride or walk with us? (Yes or No)

Yes, absolutely!