Ward 4 judicial recount request filed

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 | 2021 Election, Calgary, Politics

Last week I filed an application for a judicial recount of the recent election for councillor in Ward 4 and today we’ve heard the application has been received.

The way that the Local Authorities Election Act is currently written this process appears to be the only mechanism to allow scrutineers or elections officials to view and count the actual ballots – an essential practice in all previous Alberta elections, including the federal election this September.

This process also appears to be the only way to ensure the lack of voter lists at the voting stations did not negatively impact the integrity of the vote.

Only 100 votes separating the first and second-place candidates is too close to leave the questions created by these novel practices unanswered.

I recognize that there are other topics of interest around this particular race, but those have no place in this process. The purpose of this application is solely to ensure that all votes cast were counted correctly.

I hope the court approves this application and that the process is prompt, efficient, and removes any doubt about the electoral process and its outcome.